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Luisa Testa Tour Guide
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 19 reviews
by Peg Saenger on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Luisa Testa, our Tour guide in Rome

Jenuary, 9, 2019 Luisa definitely knows wine. She was very friendly and knows the history of the vineyard well, over all in the Castelli Romani area. We visited cellars, ancient caves, vineyards and Castel Gandolfo, where there is the summer Residence of the Pope. Luisa guided us inside the private papal apartment so we had the opportunity to see where Popes, like J.Paul II, staied in vacation. So it was a mix of history, food, wine and art! Peg Saenger, California

by Elisa Holland on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Luisa, the best!

October, 2018
This was the best part of our family vacation to Italy.
In the morning we visited the Vatican Museums, The Sistine Chapel and the Studio of Mosaics where the artists were working making mosaics. With Luisa we had the opportunity to visit the Vatican in a place usually closed to the public, it was exciting!
After lunch,(a very good and light pizza in a place where Luisa often eat after the Vatican tour), we went to visit a winery in the Roman countryside . We had a rainy day, so the Luisa had placed us next to the fireplace to we could be warm. We enjoyed all the wines and delicious food that they offered and we felt like at home! Elisa Holland, Buffalo, NY USA

by Christina Elfland on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
tour with Luisa Testa

July, 10, 2018
What a fantastic time we had with Luisa at our first family wine tasting experience! The hours spent at that winery ignited all of my senses. The wines had a wonderful taste and aroma; they were perfectly paired to all of our courses and Luisa taught us how some wines taste differently paired with another dish . The olive oil,made at the farm too, was very good. It was aromatic, amazing flavor and made the bruschetta taste divine! The service at the table and in the winery was exceptional with people who really cared about us having a great time tasting and eating their wines after viseted the ancient volcanic area where the roman emperors had their summer residences built. I would HIGHLY recommend this tour with Luisa to visit the cantina/winery to anyone who is traveling in the Roman area. It is a perfect way to e experience the local culture & food in a friendly family environment. Christina Elfland, Buffalo, N.Y.

by Chris Dougherty on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Thenk you Luisa!

June, 2018
Luisa was great! She was knowledgeable and I loved her enthusiasm about wine. The fact that she was Roman was an added plus, as she was able to share local facts and experiences (she has always lived among vineyards). Chris Dougherty, Florida

by Karen Brown on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Vatican tour with Luisa

Vatican tour, May, 2018
Luisa is so amazing. I don't know how anyone retains the amount of knowledge she has about the vatican. We enjoyed our tour immensely. Karen Brown, Orange Beach, AL

by Paul Simonetti on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Rome group tour with Luisa

April,1st 2018
Awesome tour guide! Kept us entertained the whole time. Our tour day had very bad weather but Luisa kept up her spirits and did a great job keeping up ours!We admired the amazing view of the volcanic lakes and Rome countryside.
She is incredibly knowledgeable and she really made our day in Rome fun and something we will remember for a long time. Paul Simonetti, N.Y.

by Joanne O'Really on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Joanne's feedback

July, 2017
My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful wine tasting and lunch with Luisa. We were able to experience so much of Italy during a two week vacation but this was a truly unique experience and was one of our highlights in Italy.
Do keep in mind that this is NOT a restaurant, but a winery. The food served is an accompaniment for the wine tasting. Luisa and the owner of the country house were incredibly friendly and informative. They also have olive groves here and press their own olive oil. If you are looking for something uniquely different to do in Italy, this is definitely the place to go with Luisa! John O’Really, California

by Brenda Smith on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Fabulous tour

May, 2nd 2017
What a fabulous tour this was! Luisa was delightful and extremely knowledgeable! The estate was lovely! We were the only small group there. The wine tasting was very nice and I learned a lot about wine making and the proper way to evaluate it! The Frascati docg was delicious and the “Cannellino” something I had never tasted before! I wish that I had purchased it! Brenda Smith, Florida

by Mike Weinhart on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Was nice to meet you

October 2016 Luisa was nice and well informed in different fields! She taught me about the stories connected with the Castelli Romani wine I did not know and showed us around the beautiful vineyards.The wine tasting was a terrific experience,we tasted 4 kinds of organic wine accompanied by cuts and cheese. She always had a smile on her face and was always willing to answer questions!

by Jennifer Duffy on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Rome with Luisa

June, 2016
Luisa was great! The ride was very nice to the vineyard as she explained different things about the countryside:the Appian Way, the Roman aqueducts,how the Frascati wine is madeand why it become so important, and other facts about the Rome area. We were delighted by the italian breakfast in Castel Gandolfo square, with cappuccino made with milk from the Vatican Farm in Castel Gandolfo.She was willing to help us with anything to do with our trip, she got the skip-the-line tickets for our tours with her in Rome (Colosseum and Vatican Museums),she booked for us a car with personal driver and helped us for a transfer to the airport the following day. Jennifer Duffy, Boston

by Tim Rossi on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Rome experience

February, 2016
If it was possible to give her 10 stars, I would!! I have been on many tours through various countries and Luisa , for me, was the most relaxing and nice guide that I have ever had . She was very friendly with our children, knowledgeable and she shared a ton of interesting information. Not only did we learn about the specific sites we were going to see, but she also gave a lot of information about museums, places to eat, info about Italian culture and typical Roman dishes. She was funny, entertaining, informative and polite. AWESOME in a word! Tim Rossi, Sydney, Australia

by Alex Moore on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Our tour!

We visited the vinery in the Roman Castles on Sat, Dec 5 2015 as part of a day trip to Tivoli and the Roman Castles through Luisa and her driver. Luisa booked our visit and we didn't know which area winery we would be visiting until she began describing it on our way there after a morning visit and tour at Rome. What Luisa described was special and the visit matched the description. Both the story of the “Romanella” wine as well as the facts about the microclimate in this area around and on the slopes of Mons Albanus, the volcan, for the grapes that are used for the wine was a great learning experience. We enjoyed the tour of the grounds and the wine-making process at the winery. We were able to sit near the fireplace with plenty of space at our table. We tasted the Frascati docg Superiore, the Cannellino, the Romanella and a Red Wine “Castelli Romani” made with Merlot, Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Nero Buono. The wines (a total of 5 including the dessert wine) were wonderful and we didn't hesitate at the thought of bringing some wine (as well as the olive oil and the Passito wine) home! The breakfast, 2 kinds of cheese accompanied by wine jelly, traditional roast pork, omelet with vegetables, traditional homemade bread, grandma cake, italian crostata with ricotta cheese and something we don’t have in US:sour cherry jam (paired with the dessert wine) were also wonderful. It was a great experience, and we discovered some new wines to enjoy and share with friends and family. Definitely recommend a tour with Luisa! Alex Moore, Hazleton, PA USA

by Morgan on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
My tour with Luisa

September,23rd, 2015
Luisa was knowledgeable, friendly and easy to understand. It was a tailored “slow tour”. She moved at a pace that was comfortable for elderly people which is important to us because we don't move that fast anymore and we like to take pictures along the way. We visited Nemi with a lunch in a traditional wine cellar . We enjoyed our meal among the scents of the Castelli Romani wine. She also gave us a lot of tips after the tour about things to do and see the next days in Rome. One of your best. Morgan Donnelly, Houston

by Mark McCornack on Luisa Testa Tour Guide

Our guide, Luisa, was wonderful and very informative. Her communication skills in English were excellent. Also, my wife wanted to know where she got those swanky red and silver shoes! Many thanks. Based on our experience, I would recommend her.

by Best tour guide on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Miglior Guida

Due giorni fà ho fatto un tour dei musei vaticani con Luisa. Non ci sono parole per descrivere quanto fosse preparata! Avevo paura di annoiarmi, ma lei ha reso il tour molto interessante. Siamo tornati a casa con il ricordo di una bellissima esperienza e sicuramente più acculturati 🙂 Consigliato? Al 110%!

by Joseph Right on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
luisa tour in Rome

I loved the days with her in Rome!

by Simon Del Greco on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Vatican Tour

Very knowledgable and she did a good job of illustrating the evolution of the artists through the ages. Her insight into the events - also through the centuries - was very interesting and brought perspective to what we were seeing.

by Bryan Markle on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Tour around Rome

4/3/2014 I booked a wine tour with Luisa. Thoroughly enjoyed this tour - Luisa was welcoming and knowledgeable, telling us about the wines, vineyards and the historical sites we could see on the way. She explained how the volcanic soil of the Alban Hills has nourished vineyards for thousands of years creating the renowned wine of the Castelli Romani.
She helped us to buy wine at the end of the tour, but we never felt that it was an obligation. Highly recommended! BRYAN MARKLE CHICAGO

by Maria Draka on Luisa Testa Tour Guide
Fantastic Guide

Excellent guide! We had a wonderful time visiting ancient and new Rome. Luisa was very friendly and knowledgeable giving us lots of local information very interesting and also adding things which she thought could be of interest to us as well as all the usual tourist highlights. She was so considerate of myself and my 11 years old son always trying to find things that could interest both of us. She was always punctual and the car she rented for us was spotless and our driver (she usually works with him) was an extremely careful and confident driver. Luisa's English was very good. I would highly recommend her!