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The idyllic Italian hill town of Tivoli, less than an hour east of Rome, boasts two world-renowned and remarkable historic sites. Firstly, the 16th-century UNESCO World Heritage site, Villa d’Este, a mind-boggling palace and garden of architectural genius, and then, Hadrian’s Villa, or Villa Adriana, the impressive home of Emperor Hadrian in the second century.

Villa d'Este

The extravagant and opulent Villa d’Este was the dreamchild of Ippolito II d’Este, a cardinal, and a statesman.  This lavish garden, with an inspiring villa set on a hilltop, is one of Italy’s most extraordinary structures.  Set on four hectares of magnificent lawns, romantic terraces and impressive water features, this tour will leave you spellbound.  An awe-inspiring piece of Renaissance culture, the innovative garden design, with the Hundred Fountains, the Oval Fountain, and the Vialone Terrace can be viewed at your leisure.  Stroll around the villa, stopping to admire the fresco-bedecked apartments, and imagine living here in the 16th century.

Villa Adriana

Villa Adriana is an important archaeological site, set on 120 hectares of the countryside below Tivoli. Specially chosen by Emperor Hadrian to build his massive palace, he oversaw the building of the Greek, Roman and Egyptian aspects of this second-century masterpiece, which can still be seen among the UNESCO-listed ruins.  The scale is impressive and this masterpiece includes a theatre, a stadium, water features, libraries, and thermal baths. 


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